EVISION presentatie

At eVision, we create best-in-class Operational Safety software products for the largest oil & gas, (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Over the past few years, our software transitioned into scalable high-performing single-page apps, and as our company continues to grow rapidly, we’re moving our solutions towards a cloud-ready platform and SaaS offering. Developing our software, we work with a mixed mode of the hottest technologies, including React JS, ES6, Flux, NodeJS, .Net (Core) and more. Our goal is to make hazardous industries work better and safer, by offering our clients a whole safety ecosystem around their production assets. On Wednesday 16 May, in the evening, we will visit the Delftsche Studenten Bond at Sociëteit Tyche. Together, we’ll take a deep-dive into our world and the adventures eVision sees ahead. We’ll show you how we apply new technologies in our field, and how we maintain being disruptive in the traditional industries we operate in. You’ll get an understanding of how our ONE Vision platform leverages digital plant information like 3D models, laser scans, real-time data from equipment, allowing users to visualize and prevent cumulative risk on the plant. You’ll also see how Artificial Intelligence solutions, like Amazon Alexa, can help operators use our platform. We hope we’ve piqued your curiosity, and look forward to meeting you on Wednesday. If you’re already interested in getting to know company, solutions, and customers even better, make sure you visit us at www.evision-software.com.
Soort activiteit Borrel
Datum woensdag 16 mei
Tijd 17:00